Coaches for Racial Equality

Twitter: Coaches for Racial Equality SD (@CoachEqualitySD)
Instagram: @coaches4racialequalitysd

Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Vision: “Unity among racial communities in San Diego County through the power of sport.”
Mission: “Educating and integrating coaches, players, parents, and fans into a vision of racial
reconciliation. We are committed to bridging racial equity gaps in the San Diego sports community.

Our priorities are to:
1. Empower our athletes to use their voice to create change.
2. Listen to, support, and speak up on issues of social injustice.
3. Facilitate robust discussions towards racial reconciliation.
4. Inspire fans to be a voice of unity in the stands.”
Motto: “Stand Together United.”
Core Values:
Unity, Solidarity, Education, Respect, Justice