The Why:
In response to COVID-19 and the impact of school closures, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Athletics Department asked Alex Hannanvash to create some workouts for all SDUSD student athletes. Our student athletes are used to working in teams, training and competing on a daily basis and we understand that the school closures have now created a void that impacts not only the physical aspect of our lives, but also the mental aspect. With the safety of our student athletes in mind all of the activities created can be done by yourself at your home. The goal is to get our student athletes moving, keep them in shape physically, as well as mentally, and have some fun by representing your school and posting your workouts.

The Who:
Meet the Trainer Alex Hannanvash  
Alex Hannanvash has been teaching at Point Loma High School for 10 years. She has taught courses that include Physical Education, Sports Medicine 1-2, Sports Medicine 3-4, Health Care Essentials and Principles of Biomedical Science. She has served as the Point Loma High School Athletic Director the past 6 years and has been coaching Track & Field for 13 years. Alex has also served as the conditioning coach for Football, Soccer and Baseball. She went to Georgia Tech on to full athletic D1 scholarship for Track & Field. Alex works daily with our student athletes, as well as our parents/guardians, so our school community can feel safe utilizing these activities.

The What:
Alex will be posting workouts periodically during the school closures. These are video clips of a warmup and then a workout that serves all of our student athletes no matter what sport or season they are participating in. The instructions for the warmup and workout are listed right below the video. Review the video and directions and then start your warmup and workout.
The How & The Challenge:
To feed the competitive side of our SDUSD student athletes, here’s how you can get involved:

  • Participate in the warmups/workouts
  • Film your own workout and post it to Instagram using #SDUSDathlete
    • Make sure to call out your name, school and sport(s) you participate in
    • Tag 3 of your fellow teammates calling on them to film and post their workout
  • Let’s see which of our schools in San Diego Unified are truly the workout warriors!