2018-19 Multi-Campus Agreement

Beginning in 2016-17, our district’s Multi-Campus Agreement allows the following students to participate in athletics at their school of residence, provided that they have met all of the necessary CIF, San Diego City Conference and San Diego Unified School District criteria:

    • San Diego Unified School District atypical schools (East Village, iHigh, Mt. Everest, San Diego MET, SDSCPA).
      Point of contacts for San Diego Unified School District atypical schools:
      East Village: Mitch Booz, Principal mbooz@sandi.net 619-525-2000
      iHigh: Vicki Conway, Vice Principal vconway@sandi.net 619-764-5440
      Mt. Everest: Maria Ramos, Elementary School Assistant mramos3@sandi.net 858-496-8778
      San Diego MET: Melissa Agudelo, Principal magudelo@sandi.net 619-388-2299 Ext. 2295 & Jason Moravec, Counselor jmoravec@sandi.net 619-388-2299 Ext. 2443
      SDSCPA: Kim Abagat, Head Counselor kabagat@sandi.net 619-470-0555 Ext. 2240
    • Charter School of San Diego students who participated in athletics via the 2015-16 Multi-Campus Agreement.

      Specific questions about eligibility should be addressed to your school of residence.