“…Being able to build a relationship with kids away from football, being part of these kids’ life, it’s something they’ll remember forever,” Lincoln High student Jerome Roberts said.

Roberts and his fellow teammates have been reading to kids at the Malcolm X Library since January.

“There’s this one kid — he’s not here today — but he always enlightens my day, no matter how my day’s going, he always enlightens my day and I love that,” he said.

It’s a chance for the students to disengage from day-to-day distractions, all while creating a bond between kids in two different age groups.

“Some of these kids don’t have people to look up to, so it’s cool just being there for them and just have someone who cares about them,” one of the players said..

“We get a chance to give back and I explain to our players that in our community, our numbers are low in reading and comprehension, and we want to help kids understand it’s fun and cool to read and be involved,” David Dunn, the head football coach at Lincoln High, said…”

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